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siide effects = a graphic art community
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Welcome to siide effects, the graphic art community of Heather aka rockcandy83! Here you'll find icons, banners, wallpapers, even the occasional fanmix - & any other random art I feel like posting. I have a wide range of interests, but the majority of my art tends to focus on a select few fandoms, chief amongst them being the TV show House, M.D. (& the fantastic actors who bring the show to life). I also have a basically lifelong deep love & appreciation for classic films. To that end, I'm hoping this community will give me the freedom to create & post art relating to the huge number of other things I love.
Trying to enforce rules on the internet is pretty futile. There are basically two things I'd have to insist on: if you use something I made, please credit me; and DO NOT HOTLINK. If you want to leave a comment, that's a-okay and very much appreciated, but I'm not going to go all fetal if you don't.
First off, I'll be honest here: I've done a horrible job keeping track of where I've gotten the various textures & whatnot that I might use in my art. That being said, I'm hoping that this blanket statement will suffice - I've never in my life made a texture or brush. Anything of that sort that I use has been made & provided by someone else. Even though I might not know who made it, I would never ever claim to have made it myself. If there's a question about where I got a certain texture or whatever, just ask - there's always the possibility that I do know where it's from, in which case I'm absolutely more than happy to let you know.

The same applies to the majority of the photos and screencaps I use (although, a fair number of House screencaps are courtesy of jukebox_grad @ easilyfound which I am sure of because she's my pal and her screencaps are awesome quality).

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